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Welcome to StreetLib Connect

StreetLib Connect is the online forum for the growing community of writers, readers and publishers. It is aimed at anyone interested in books — whether it be reading, writing or publishing (with StreetLib or not) — and who wants to discuss, debate and learn.

This forum is provided and maintained by StreetLib. As such, it contains numerous features to help you discover and use our tools and services, and to keep a regular and open channel between you and us. But, that isn’t its principal aim: we will be more than happy to see you coming up with new ideas and making yourself at home. We have opened a channel for collaborative writing, where new books can come to life and grow, as well as one dedicated to the whole new concept of booklines, where books are the stations on endless journeys. Your user profile is also an important tool through which you can promote your work within this community, share your ideas and tastes, find new friends and start new projects: who said that books are for loners?

We are delighted to welcome you to StreetLib Connect, the place were writers read, readers write and books talk.

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