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Code of Laws

Connect – The 9 commandments

Welcome to StreetLib Connect, the forum where you can discuss everything related to books, whether it be:

  • Writing;
  • Reading;
  • Publishing;
  • Or, since everything has already been written about in a book, you can discuss whatever you think may be of interest to you or your fellow users.

Connect is provided and maintained by StreetLib, and is completely free. There are just a few rules:

1. Speak thy language

StreetLib Connect is a multilingual forum. You can open threads and post replies in any language you wish, although it is polite to reply in the original post’s language.

2. Respect thy fellow users

At StreetLib, we like to let you do your own thing: there are no strict rules of conduct, but a minimum of decency is required. No trolling or spamming is allowed, and try to keep your disagreements civil, pleasant and interesting for other users: any flames shall be extinguished.

3. Respect the mods

Mods and admins are here to help you and your fellow users. Please report any instances of misconduct to the nearest mod. Mods will react in five ways:

  • Simple warning by private message;
  • Formal warning in the forum;
  • Warning and deletion of post/closing of thread;
  • Temporary ban;
  • Permanent banishment to the external world.

Oh, and remember: we don’t really like racists, fascists and similar scum. We can be very sensitive on this subject, and we will deal with it swiftly and decisively.

4. Respect the law

StreetLib Connect is provided by StreetLib and is free for everyone to read, although only registered users are able to post. Users are wholly responsible for the content they post and remain fully and personally accountable. StreetLib reserves the right to remove, flag or delete any post with offensive or illegal content.

Therefore, please refrain from breaking any laws, as we may be forced to take action. This includes:

  • File-sharing, “piracy” and copyright violations;
  • Pornography, nudity and the like (we may arrange, if needed, an “adults only” forum channel);
  • Privacy violations;
  • Open exaltation of criminal acts.

On the other hand, we firmly believe in freedom of expression, and we are willing to take some risk to foster and promote critical thinking and dissent.

5. Keep the place tidy

StreetLib Connect has eight sub-forums, or channels. These channels are:

  • Nuts’n’bolts: this channel is dedicated to StreetLib’s tools, such as StreetLib Write, Publish, Read, etc… Here you can find user guides, how-tos, tips and tricks, or ask the community of fellow users for advice;
  • Market: a guide to StreetLib’s marketplace, where professionals can present themselves and new collaborations are born. Be careful, the anti-spam police are always on watch;
  • Tour: here you can arrange your book tours and see those organized by other users. It is also a great place to propose ideas, arrange tours together and suggest touring services and ideas on places to visit (what to see, where to eat, were to sleep);
  • Booklines: this is a brand new concept. A bookline is a path through books, proposed by users on the forum: it may contain books (quite obviously) but also anything else, from movies to food to places to swimsuits, and much more. Suggest your ideas, and sell your lists!
  • Collective: this is the home of collaborative writing. Suggest ideas, search for partners, tell everybody what you are working on and discuss your manuscript as it evolves into your next bestseller;
  • StreetLib Tribe: this is the channel where the whole tribe discusses projects, ideas and various industry news. Our internal discussions are now open and you are welcome to read and chime in!
  • Publishers: the glass-walled office for publishers associated with StreetLib, an open space for the public discussion of authors, ideas, strategies, projects and any other topic they wish;
  • Voices: home of everything else. A free forum to discuss books, ideas and the world.

Please keep your discussions to the relevant channels and sub-forums, and check the published threads to see if what you are looking for has already been discussed. Mods and admins may move, merge or close threads at any moment to keep the forum tidy and well organized.

6. Be an open book

Your user profile has a lot of information. It’s your choice what your say and whether to make it public or not. Remember that this is what other users will read if they want to know more about you. It’s therefore a useful way to say who you are, what you can do and to sell your stuff (books, booklines, services, or whatever else). So, keep it in good shape!

7. Know what thou is sharing

Everything that is published on StreetLib Connect belongs to the world: we provide the space and the service, you provide the content. Everything is for the common good. Therefore, by publishing your posts and comments, you explicitly and definitively renounce any right of property or compensation to said content once it is on StreetLib Connect.

Conversely, any new content published on StreetLib Connect is available for any use, under the sole condition that the original author or authors are cited and StreetLib Connect mentioned as the original source of publication.

8. Earn thy rank

Users have a rank of seniority and can earn a number of badges which are awarded for specific events, competitions or other impressive feats. Users rise through the ranks according to their activity within the StreetLib Connect community.

Since we are mainly a community of writers, readers and people dedicated to the sacred art of the written word, our rank system is based on a loose reenactment of the tradition of medieval scriptoria, where pious monks copied, wrote and read the great treasures of literature, science and thought. Therefore, our ranks are:

  • Novitium: a young apprentice, here to learn. While learning, they fetch paper, clean the room, take care of the most mundane functions and show their respect;
  • Parator: a more seasoned apprentice, charged with the key roles of preparing ink and the precious parchment, ready to receive the sacred writings;
  • Copista: the most humble ordained friar in the scriptorium, charged with the most sacred function: to copy and preserve the treasures of knowledge;
  • Illuminator: a true artist, the Illuminator adorns the pure gems of writing, with fantastic and vibrant drawings and embellishments;
  • Collator: highly respected for their doctrine, collators know the deepest secrets of our culture, and are able to trace and collect the themes, the idea and the arguments through the forest of writings;
  • Scholiator: their doctrine is great, and their acumen even greater: these are the great commentators, able to shed light on the most obscure meanings, and to cast a new light on old forms;
  • Auctor: years of study and meditation have matured the most precious fruit: a new idea, a new form that adds to the heap of human knowledge;
  • Bibliothecarius: a venerable librarian, whose task is to maintain the treasures kept in the scriptorium and direct the activities of the pious friars. Biblothecarii have the final say on which texts are to be copied, illuminated, studied, made accessible or kept in the most obscure recesses of the library;
  • Prior: as the spiritual and mundane guide of a community, a prior is the beacon of wisdom and the paragon of virtue, and is the authority to resolve all controversies;
  • Abbas: the power of a tyrant, with the soul of a saint. An Abbas is the one and only leader of the whole abbey, a person dedicated to the most sacred of task: the ultimate preservation of what is true and good, and the continuous, uninterrupted and endless advancement of our understanding.

9. Have fun!

And be nice.


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